O/H and Reconditioning of Fuel Pumps:

O/H of fuel pumps of MAN B&W, SULZER, Wartsila,  Mitsubishi,  Pielstick,  MAK,  Daihatsu,  Duetz and  Yanmar. Onboard attendance for removal/reinstallation and timing adjustments, including all MAN B&W and Sulzer Block Type fuel pumps as per OEM’s setting tables.

O/H and Reconditioning of Fuel Injectors:

Overhauling of all type of Fuel Injectors including MAN B&W and Sulzer, testing and calibration on test bench (at our Facility).

O/H and Reconditioning of Governors:

Servicing/calibration of all kinds of Governors/Actuators including Woodward, Europa, Zexel, Diesel Kiki and commissioning onboard. We also have readily available in stock selected brands and types of reconditioned Governors to supply on-exchange basis.

Reconditioning of Fuel Injection Components:

Reconditioning of used Nozzles, Spindle Guides, Non return valves, Circulation Valves, Delivery Valves, Suction Valves, Puncture Valves, Plunger & Barrels including MAN B&W.

O/H and Reconditioning Fuel Injector Test Benches:

Reconditioning of all types of Fuel valve Test Benches Including Obel-P, L’Orange, Henmi etc. we have readily available reconditioned selected brand and models test benches for sale.